Summer Sessions/ Getting to know my work!

Wow, my first major blog post since the launch of my website! Thank so much to everyone who has been so kind to leave me some love on the launch! I am so excited to be taking what used to be a hobby to the next level! My goal is to update the blog every week!!! To kick things off, here's some images from some sessions this past summer so you can get to know my work a little better. Although it's almost over, the light during this time of year just can't be beat! Enjoy as you get to know some of my long time, and even some new clients!

Let's start with the Depompei family! This adorable family of 3 welcomed me into their home to capture some images of their new little bundle Leo. I have had the pleasure of knowing Emily and her family for many years, as we attended the same college and her sister is my sister-in-law.


I have had the opportunity to watch these next three kiddos grow from the very start! Their mama is one of my very dear friends, and I love that even though life is crazy busy, we can always pick up right where we left off without skipping a beat.


The Albers Family was so sweet! We walked all around New Bremen for an extended family session. What a great looking group!


Joanna holds a special little place in my heart with her beautiful red hair! Us redheads have to stick together! ;) I always enjoy visiting with her parents who are dear friends from WAY back.


Julie contacted me about having 6 month photos of her son Elijah taken. Boy oh boy was he a cutie! I mean, just look at those curls!!


That's it for now folks!! I hope to be able to not only use the blog as a place for you to see my work, but to also get to know me a little better! Be on the lookout for next week's post! 

With love, xoxo

Lindsey W.