Jase Michael Whetstone

As many of you know, things have been a bit quiet around here and on my social media! Don't worry friends! I have a LOT to update you on! Over the next few weeks I will continue to blog sessions from this fall so you can see what all has been happening, but in the meantime, my husband Shaun and I are proud to introduce to you, our second child, Jase Michael Whetstone. 

Jase was born just after the Thanksgiving Holiday, and we are all so in love with this little man! His big sister Lorelai is a GREAT helper too!!

***Please note, ALL of the photo credit below goes to Erica Lee Photo. She was there to capture Lorelai's first year, and we are excited to have her there to capture all the milestones to come with Jase! You should check her and her work out(www.ericaleephoto.com)! She's pretty fabulous and a real sweetheart! I am so glad that photography brought her and I together!